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Past Project Highlights

Humber alumni

Left to right: Eric Eddy (Humber alumni), Andrew Apperley (Humber alumni), Tom George (industry collaborator), Dustin Gamble (Humber student), and Humber faculty and AppSeed cofounders Greg Goralski, Adam Leon, and Andrew Dertinger 

Humber faculty and students create an app that facilitates app prototyping

AppSeed Studios Inc. is a startup company created by Humber faculty members Greg Goralski, Adam Leon, and Andrew Dertinger. The company’s innovative technology allows users to easily and accurately turn hand-drawn sketches into interactive app prototypes, bridging the gap between traditional pen-and-paper and digital through the use of computer vision.

In 2014, following the success of a KickStarter campaign that raised $45,000 and with support from Ontario Centres of Excellence, AppSeed partnered with Multimedia Design and Development program coordinator George Paravantes and Web Design and Interactive Media students Ariel Gelbard, Tanya Grimes, Tristan Darwent and Dustin Gamble to develop the user experience and user interface (UI) of AppSeed’s innovative prototyping application.  Throughout development, the student team worked with industry collaborators Tom George, BitBlitz Apps Inc.; and Bolo Michelin and LordAlex Leon, LordAlex Works; and Humber alumni Eric Eddy and Andrew Apperley.  The result of this collaboration is an app that can identify an enclosed space on a hand-drawn sketch and allow users to make it into a button, a map, or another UI element and input text.

Since partnering with Humber, AppSeed received the 2014 FITC (Future. Innovation. Technology. Creativity.) Award for Mobile Apps, and their app was released in the Apple iTunes store on March 24, 2015. The app is available for download, here 

Funding for this project was provided by:

Ontario Centres of Excellene

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Agile Project Management and its Drivers

Abstract: In recent years, Info-Tech Research Group has seen client demand for content on Agile project management grow substantially.

Researcher: Pedro Serrador
Project Completion Date: February 2016
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Prototype & Validation of an App to Connect Alumni to Employment via Professors

Abstract: Faculty member Greg Goralski and his team of students collaborated with Nascent Digital to design, develop, and validate a prototype app that will connect Humber alumni with industry opportunities using the social connections that they made while studying at Humber.

Researcher: Greg Goralski
Project Completion Date: April 2016
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The Smokebomb Ideation Project

Abstract: Humber College partnered with Smokebomb Entertainment to develop ideas and prototype games for their new product (Snowflake).

Researcher: Sarith Nugawila
Project Completion Date: April 2016
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Kinesthetic and Tactile Typography Project

Abstract: Printing is an integral part of design and advertising – it is both technical and creative and can be the difference between the success or failure of a project.

Researchers: Sarah Nasby and Janice Fung
Project Completion Date: May 2016
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What are the Key Factors in Startup Success? A Literature Review

Abstract: The growth of start-ups and the growth process has been a central research theme in the field of entrepreneurship.

Researcher: Pedro Serrador
Project Completion Date: September 2016
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SMB Pulse: Creating an on-demand information and entertainment netcasting network for Canadian SMBs and entrepreneurs

Abstract: Small to medium-sized business (SMB) owners and entrepreneurs have atypical schedules and lifestyles, as their daily activities are primarily focused on the growth and maintenance of their businesses. 

Researcher: Bernie Monette
Project Completion Date: Jul 30, 2014
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Get Your Hours Web Platform Development

Abstract: Every high school student in Ontario must complete a minimum of 40 hours of community involvement activities as a requirement of graduating.

Researcher: Bernie Monette
Project Completion Date: Apr 11, 2014
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Launch Success Services

Abstract: Effectively targeting advertising to the right consumer segments has been an ongoing challenge for BNOTIONS, an industry leading provider of mobile, social and web based applications.

Researcher: Sean Doyle
Project Completion Date: Jan 16, 2014
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Lines Drawn: The Impact of Prior Knowledge on Visual Arts Students' Drawing Ability at the Post-Secondary Level

Abstract: The purpose of the study was to determine the extent to which prior knowledge correlates to visual art students' drawing ability at the post-secondary level.

Researcher: Marc Colangelo
Project Completion Date: Dec 06, 2013
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Stop Creeping on Me: How do Humber Public Relations Students' Notions of Online Privacy Influence Their Use of Social Networking Sites for Academic and Business Purposes?

Abstract: This research study answers the question, “How do Humber public relations students’ notions of online privacy influence their use of social networking sites for academic and business purposes?”

Researcher: Andrea Tavchar
Project Completion Date: Mar 01, 2011
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