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Winterstations 2017

The Illusory
Scarboro, Kew, and Balmy Beaches
Toronto East Waterfront
February 20 - March 27, 2017

the illusory

The third annual Winterstations Design Competition sees the Kew, Balmy, and Scarboro beaches on Toronto's East Waterfront transformed into interactive art installations. Of the eight winning entries, Humber college students in Art Foundation, Visual and Digital Arts, Interior Design, and Industrial Design proposed and constructed a winning entry that will be unveiled on Family Day, February 20th.

Explorers are challenged with what is and what can be through a visual distortion of reality in The illusory. Constructed of highly reflective linear panels, the circumambulatory experience pulls the explorer into the centre for a moment of introspection and to experience an ever-changing illusion of reality. From afar, the structure is incognito, reflecting the surrounding environment and fading into it. Entering the space, the explorer views misconstrued, mirroring illustrations of themselves and their surroundings.

The inspiration for the Illusory came from the relationship shared between humans and the environment. The site itself inspired the shape of the piece, where from afar the complete form curves and angles with the sloping beach while its reflectivity causes it to disappear into the sky. The installation is meant to provoke curiosity. After approaching the piece and entering into a circular space, participants view fragmented versions of themselves and the environment. The Illusory is an introspective experience, depicting humans themselves as the catalyst for change in the present environment. 

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