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  • Certificate of Achievement | 116713D Modelling andVisual Effects Production

Your Story Starts Here

The curriculum for the 3D Modelling and Visual Effects Production program is designed by artists, for experienced traditional artists and animators who want to either develop or transition their skill sets for employment in the 3D and visual effects industries.

We are the key to unleashing your creativity

Using our unique project-based approach, students will be carefully led through the entire 3D modelling and rendering process, including the creation of lighting and textures. Graduates possess the proper balance of technical skills and aesthetic development – able to create, as well as produce stunning 3D productions. Courses focus on both the conceptual and the technical, as students learn to master visual techniques to bring ideas to life. 

What you will learn 

You will learn relevant industry workflow, so you can make a seamless transition into a real production environment. Participants develop skills in modelling, texturing, and lighting, as well as in visual effects, compositing, and digital cinematography. At the same time, students learn the technical skills required in today's competitive 3D and visual effects industries. 

Who will you become

The 3D film industry has become a global multi-billion dollar business, using the talents of modellers, animators and visual effects specialists.

Career opportunities

Prepare yourself to work for large or small production houses in the film, broadcast design, visual effects and gaming sectors. Employers may include Ubisoft, IDT (formerly DKP), Intelligent Creatures, Red Rover, The Astound Group, LucasArts, Electronic Arts, KeyFrame Animation, Digital Extremes, Frantic Films, and CBC.


Semester 1

Semester 2