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  • Certificate | 35011Oracle Database Administration (DBA)

The expertise of Oracle database administrators (DBAs) is integral to the success of today's increasingly complex system environments. The best DBAs operate primarily behind the scenes. They are on watch for ways to fine tune day-to-day performance and to prevent unscheduled crisis, such as a crashed database or hours of expensive down time.

This critical work requires a broad understanding of the architecture and processes of Oracle database, as well as plenty of hands-on, experience solving problems. The best DBAs know they stand between optimal performance and an event that could bring their company to a stand-still. The Oracle 11g Database Administrator Track is a certification path that results in the award of a credential to proven performers in the role of database administrator. The track consists of two tests designed to translate your impressive knowledge and skills into a tangible, well-recognized professional certification. Grading for the Oracle courses is satisfactory/unsatisfactory.

Refund Policy: See Oracle Profiles refund policy.


Proficiency in written and oral English is required for this program, as is knowledge of SQL.


Compulsory Courses

Code Title Subject Type
ORCL 110 Oracle Database Administration Workshop 1   Course
ORCL 111 Oracle Database Administration Workshop 2   Course
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