Orientation and Online Learning Primer

Course Code: MPS 5000

Academic Year: 2018-2019

This course will introduce students to the philosophy and practice of online learning including topics such as the responsibilities of the learner and Professor, participation etiquette and how to work in groups effectively (working with different people, in different time-zones, possibly from different countries with different backgrounds, educational areas of expertise). The course will also introduce students to all technical aspects of studying online in this program, include the learning management system, how to trouble-shoot and how to access and use the Humber library resources. Online safety and security, as well as copyright and plagiarism will be addressed in the context of building an online personal brand and in the context of developing intellectual property as part of an academic program. Fundamental content themes of the program will also be introduced, which will be relevant in all courses. Additional resources for the supporting individual and group work will be covered, including project management, communications, mind-mapping, and scriptwriting software. Students will also receive all information regarding their mandatory online portfolio, which will be evaluated in their Thesis & Mentorship course in semester two. Most importantly, this course will offer the students an opportunity to be introduced to one another prior to the commencement of the semester and initiate their class networking.