Gaming, Interactive and Multi-Platform Media

Course Code: MPS 5002

Academic Year: 2018-2019

This course will introduce students to linear and non-linear stories as told through interactive projects, gaming and multi-platform projects. These areas will be explored in-depth and students will gain a comprehensive understanding of media specific practices in each of these cutting-edge forms of storytelling. Case studies will illustrate how stories are told differently on different platforms, open up an understanding of how the role of the audience/player changes in different media, and how to design for interaction. Students will appraise through playing ground-breaking, award-winning games, works of interactive fiction, and web-based interactive projects. Students will identify criteria for assessing the elements in design that contribute to the success of interactive works. Student peer reviewing will provide an opportunity to reflect on the mechanisms that contribute to deep immersive experiences and emotional impact. Solo and collaborative exercises will give students the opportunity to test learning in practice through the rapid prototyping of interactive stories in different media.