Entrepreneurship and Creative Producing

Course Code: MPS 5005

Academic Year: 2018-2019

The Canadian media marketplace has changed, due to mobile media - both in how creative properties are produced to deliver them to multiple platforms, and in how content is funded. Traditional streams of funding still exist, but in Canada and around the World, we no longer need to be limited by these streams of funding or have our projects controlled by the traditional gatekeepers. In this course, we will be exploring what this means to you, as a multi-platform creative producer and entrepreneur, and how you, as an entrepreneur, can get your projects financed. You will identify what your goals as a creative producer and entrepreneur are, how you can stand out and distinguish yourself in a content rich marketplace, and examine various funding opportunities that exist. As we explore and build your personal or business brand strategy, you will develop the business plan, financial plan and pitching documents for your thesis project.