Multi-Platform Storytelling

Course Code: MPS 5006

Academic Year: 2018-2019

This course will build upon Fiction and Non-Fiction Narratives and Gaming, Interactive and Multi-Platform Media and the various platforms addressed, and will now focus on telling a story on multiple platforms and at times across multiple platforms (transmedia). Students will be introduced to projects that are exemplary in their multi-platform and transmedia execution ranging from social change to major entertainment franchises, across a spectrum of subject matter, including projects that focus on social consciousness, responsibility, and education. Students will learn: the advantages and disadvantages of mobilizing second screen interaction; the core design principles of world-building; strategies for effective and long-lasting community building; and how to engage authentically with real world issues in multi-platform and transmedia projects. Students will be required to develop a project for a minimum of three platforms (and/or across 3 platforms), through a process of rigorous research/investigation/experimentation, writing of the concept, testing the written concept with peers, and potential prototyping at a basic level. This course is intended to help inspire/complement the student's thesis project.