Thesis Project and Mentorship in Multi-Platform Storytelling

Course Code: MPS 5007

Academic Year: 2018-2019

This course enables students to develop their story-telling skills to expand a single concept into a variety of inter-connected platforms across different media (e.g.., short film, feature film, game, web-series, podcasts, documentary, animation, interactive stories, etc.). Students are connected with a mentor to support the process of conceptualization and translation within the collaborative nature of multi-platform story-telling. Students determine the platforms best suited to the concept, how the concept is shaped to suit the platform and write the essential materials (series bible, short film script, form and rules of the game, etc.) in order to develop a portfolio of artifacts tailored to specific audiences, ready to present to the industry in a professional manner. Students negotiate to secure a mentor from the available group and then prepare and submit a proposal for a final project, tailored to and harnessing the strengths of the mentor. The proposal must include three (3) platforms for the concept and rationale for their usage and implementation, with regularly scheduled mentor discussions and peer feedback. Students act as story editors on one another's work, delivering annotated and written critiques as well as in synchronous online script meetings with their story editors and professor. Students complete a series of authentic engagements to prepare for the writing of their screenplay. Scripts are presented in strict screenplay form as recommended by the Writers' Guild.