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Humber’s Semester Exchange Program gives students a chance to go to school and travel at the same time!

The School of Media Studies and Information Technology has partnership schools in countries including the UK, Denmark, Finland, Japan and New Zealand.


"A major factor in my decision to study abroad was my desire for change and independence. I was fascinated with the idea of experiencing life from a different perspective and learning intercultural communications first-hand. While in Japan, I was able to grow my network and interact with people from across the globe."

Sarah C., Student – Bachelor of Public Relations


"During my semester exchange, I learned about a completely new genre of film: Fashion Film. It helped me see that there is a way to make experimental films and work with a brand all while having a story. I realized there are so many possibilities in film that I have yet to explore. Travelling, experimenting and having fun is a good place to start!"

Zulany P., Student – Bachelor of Film & Media Production