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Big Data

Certificate of Completion | 49611

Our Program

Did you know that Barack Obama’s victorious 2012 presidential election campaign was built almost entirely upon the strategic insights derived from Big Data? The campaign’s marketing and communications was powered by professionals skilled in leveraging publicly accessible Big Data. There is no doubting that Big Data is a big deal. Big Data analytics are already being used to transform the way business is being done, and will be done.


The Big Data Certificate offered by Humber College is designed to teach marketing and media professionals how to dive into Big Data. What is it? Where do I find it? How do I extract it? How do I analyze it? How do I use it? Using class instructions, videos, exercises, case studies, and lots of hands-on experience, students will learn about Big Data in the best way possible: by doing it.


Using standard industry tools like Google Apps, search, and Microsoft Excel, and a selection of online data extraction and cleaning tools, graduates of this program will learn to extract data from government, industry, and social media sites, and learn how to model data for the best results and decisions. Whether you are in PR, advertising, fundraising, or journalism - any media or marketing business - Big Data is what everyone is talking about.

Your Career

The world of content is now being driven by research, metrics, and analytics. Today's businesses demand more. More data. More analysis. More relevance. Whether upgrading your skills to a new level of data expertise, or learning about Big Data from the ground up, this program is designed to take media and marketing professionals beyond simple spreadsheets and charts into data analysis with the confidence and knowledge to help answer an organization's most pressing questions.

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