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Despite Competition, Radio still Listeners' favorite

If it feels like radio has been facing competition from more relentless sources than at any time in its nearly 100-year history, it may be interesting to learn that the medium continues to exhibit solid momentum.

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Millennials Media Habits

Some marketers believe because millennials spend most of their lives online the only way to advertise to them is using the internet—and not through “the tried and true” mediums of radio and television.

Young Broadcaster of the Year

Broadcasting - Radio alum Tyler Middleton has been named as the winner of the Allan Waters Young Broadcasters of the Year. The award is given to Canada's best broadcaster under 30 and will be presented to Tyler during Canadian Music Week in May.

Radio: Nation's Top Reach Medium

To kick off the New Year with a bang-full of good news, Nielsen released a new report last week that basically said "radio, once again, is the nation's top reach medium."