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Computer Programming

Certificate of Achievement | 20761

Our Program

To say the 21st century is being built with computer programming is to state the obvious. It is the skill of programmers who will maintain, build, and shape our future. Whether it be at home using the internet, at work collaborating, or at play posting pictures to Instagram. While its importance is evident, less obvious are the steps and competencies required to become a computer programming professional.

This certificate introduces you to the various foundational concepts, languages, and applications needed to excel in this field. From Windows applications development using C# to database design with SQL to building graphical user interfaces for android mobile, this is where your programming expertise begins. No prior knowledge of programming is required. Learn how to think logically, critically, and analytically, and resolve computing issues in a modern business environment.

Your Career

In today’s age of technology, the demand from employers for skilled computer programmers is increasing exponentially. The applications of computer programming are immense, with opportunities in web development, animation, gaming, web-app development, and a lot more.

This certificate will provide you with the practical skills necessary to enter the workplace as a computer programmer. If you are looking for hands-on training in the latest software development technologies, consider the Computer Programming Certificate.

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