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Bachelor of Film and Media Production

Credential: Honours Degree Program Code: FM411 Length: 8 semesters

To be eligible for admission, you must possess the following:

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent including these required courses:
    • Grade 12 English (ENG4U or equivalent) minimum 70 per cent
    • Five Grade 12 U or M courses in addition to those listed above
    • Overall minimum grade point average (GPA) 70 per cent



All applicants whose first language is not English must meet Humber’s English Language Proficiency Policy.

Selection Includes Secondary Requirements:

Admission selection is based on the academic criteria indicated and the result of the evaluation of additional secondary requirements. Secondary requirements may include a portfolio, audition, letter of intent, references, etc., and vary by program. Meeting minimum eligibility requirements does not guarantee an offer of admission.

Date Location Availability International Student Availability
September 2017LakeshoreOpenOpen

The 2016/2017 fee for two semesters was:

  • domestic $7,446.54
  • international $14,800.

Amounts listed were the total of tuition, lab and material fees, student service and auxiliary fees for the first two semesters of the 2016/2017 academic year. Fees are subject to change.

Fees by Semester >


Humber offers a variety of scholarships each year.

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Alternative Course of Study

Applicants who do not meet the admission requirements for the Bachelor of Film and Media Production degree program should consider applying for the following diploma program(s). View program pages for pathway details:

Film and Television Production >

Post Graduate Certificates and Masters Degrees 

Credential Opportunity: Bachelor to Grad Cert / Masters
Location: Mount Pleasant, Michigan
Institution(s): Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University will provide Humber graduates of all four-year Bachelor degrees with  an opportunity to apply and be considered for admission to Post-graduate Certificate and Masters level studies.  Graduates with Humber degrees who also meet additional admission requirements will be considered for admission to the following Masters level programs offered by Central Michigan University:  Master of Business Administration or Master of Science in Administration.

For further information, contact:

Admission to the academic programs listed is at the sole discretion of the partner post-secondary institution. Please contact the institution for detailed admission requirements.

Humber offers a number of postgraduate certificates to help take your degree further.

Ontario Graduate Certificates >

Transferring from Another College or University

Details on transferring credits or credentials from another college or university or how to apply for credit based on prior work or life experience.

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Program Contact(s)

Garrett Kerr
Program Co-ordinator
416.675.6622 ext. 3628


Domestic Students

North Campus
Humber Learning Resource Commons, 1st Floor

Lakeshore Campus
WEL 106


International Students

Phone 1-416-675-5067
Fax 1-416-675-6386


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Apply to Humber

Applications to Humber are made through Be sure to submit your application by the equal consideration deadline of February 1. You may apply after February 1, however, post-February 1 applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis depending on the availability of the space in the program. To check program availability refer to the Campus/Availability listing on Humber's program pages or

Admission Road Map >

Apply through Ontario Colleges >

Humber Diploma Graduates Application 

International Students

If you’re an international student, you can apply directly to Humber via our International Centre.

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In order to continue with your application for Bachelor of Film and Media Production, you must complete this step in the application process. Applicant selection is based on academic criteria and results of these secondary requirements. This contains all the information you need to prepare and submit secondary requirements for consideration. If you have any questions, please contact Admissions.

Secondary Requirements

Applicants are required to attend an information session, during which they will complete an essay. This assessment will take approximately 3 hours.

Information Session & Essay

Applicants will register for and attend an on-campus session during which they will learn about the program and engage in a discussion about what the program consists of and what to expect should they be accepted. Next, applicants will be given an article to read, after which they will complete a 500-word essay in response to the article. The article will be assigned on the day of the assessment and will be general in nature. No specific preparation or study is necessary for this event.

Registration Instructions

Applicants must register to attend this admissions event:

  1. Log-in to MyHumber
  2. Select the Applicant Tab
  3. Select the Applied Programs tab
  4. Select your Year and Applicant Number from the drop-down menu, then click Submit
  5. Click on “Do I Have Any Missing Requirements”
  6. Click on “Go to Events” (located under the “Link” section, near the bottom right of the page)
  7. Choose from a list of available assessment dates and follow the prompts

Applicants must meet both academic and secondary requirements in order to meet minimum program eligibility. Meeting minimum eligibility does not guarantee an offer of admission.

All secondary requirements will be evaluated and a score will be calculated by the academic school.

Admission decisions will be available via MyHumber, or by email and mail. Admission decisions will not be released by phone.

Fees by Semester

Semester 1 Domestic Fee International Fee*
Total $3,723.27 $7,212.50
Tuition $3,109.76 $6,598.99
Mandatory Non-Tuition $503.51 $503.51
Lab/Materials $0.00 $0.00
Co-op/Placement $110.00 $110.00


Semester 2 Domestic Fee International Fee*
Total $3,723.27 $7,212.50
Tuition $3,109.76 $6,598.99
Mandatory Non-Tuition $503.51 $503.51
Lab/Materials $0.00 $0.00
Co-op/Placement $110.00 $110.00


Semester 3 Domestic Fee International Fee*
Total $3,723.27 $7,212.50
Tuition $3,109.76 $6,598.99
Mandatory Non-Tuition $503.51 $503.51
Lab/Materials $0.00 $0.00
Co-op/Placement $110.00 $110.00


Semester 4 Domestic Fee International Fee*
Total $3,723.27 $7,212.50
Tuition $3,109.76 $6,598.99
Mandatory Non-Tuition $503.51 $503.51
Lab/Materials $0.00 $0.00
Co-op/Placement $110.00 $110.00


Semester 5 Domestic Fee International Fee*
Total $3,723.27 $7,212.50
Tuition $3,109.76 $6,598.99
Mandatory Non-Tuition $503.51 $503.51
Lab/Materials $0.00 $0.00
Co-op/Placement $110.00  $110.00 


Semester 6 Domestic Fee International Fee*
Total $3,723.27 $7,212.50
Tuition $3,109.76 $6,598.99
Mandatory Non-Tuition $503.51 $503.51
Lab/Materials $0.00 $0.00
Co-op/Placement $110.00 $110.00


Semester 7 Domestic Fee International Fee*
Total $3,613.27 $7,212.50
Tuition $3,109.76 $6,708.99
Mandatory Non-Tuition $503.51 $503.51
Lab/Materials $0.00 $0.00


Semester 8 Domestic Fee International Fee*
Total $3,613.27 $7,212.50
Tuition $3,109.76 $6,708.99
Mandatory Non-Tuition $503.51 $503.51
Lab/Materials $0.00 $0.00

*Plus Mandatory Health Insurance fee once per academic year: Fall start - $375 Winter start - $250 Summer start - $125

Our Program

Humber’s four-year Film and Media Production degree program combines theory and practice with the goal of preparing you for a rewarding career in media. Writing, storytelling and the creation of compelling visual narratives are emphasized. You’ll study in a broad and rigorous range of practical and academic courses, including screenwriting, picture editing, sound, directing, cinematography and post-production.

In addition to film, the program focuses on multi-platform delivery to take advantage of new content channels such as hand-held devices and the web. There is a film and media theory component combined with courses such as entertainment law and media entrepreneurship. In your final year you will work on a thesis project based on an approved proposal.

You will graduate with a complete set of skills and experiences that will allow you to thrive in this competitive field.

Courses Learning Outcomes

Semester 5

Semester 7


Upon successful completion of the program, a graduate will:

  • Evaluate the theory and aesthetics of film, television, video and media and apply concepts in creative productions.

  • Identify the major historical, social, political and economic factors at play in the creation of film and new media.

  • Discuss critically the history, influences, aesthetics and key figures in Canadian and international film and media production.

  • Consolidate and extend learning in different contextual frameworks and situations, both within and outside the field of film and media production.

  • Produce, design, direct, shoot for film and media productions, using production equipment and technologies.

  • Develop pre-production, production and post-production management skills for film and media productions.

  • Analyze and solve film and media production problems, using creativity, analysis, independent judgment and critical self-awareness.

  • Prepare film and media production proposals that assess costs, benefits, risks, opportunities, and that address client needs and external trends.

  • Develop and implement film and media pre-production, production and post-production project plans and schedules that make efficient use of resources, using industry specific project management software.

  • Evaluate and implement marketing and distribution strategies for a film and/or media product.

  • Write for film and new media productions.

  • Prepare financial reports and assess the overall financial performance of a film or media production, using industry specific software.

  • Critically analyze the forces that shape values, ideas, personal and societal circumstances and film and media production decisions and present an academically structured, sustained and well-supported argument.

  • Communicate ideas using the most suitable medium for the message, audience and purpose, speaking or writing clearly, concisely, correctly and coherently.

  • Recognize the limits of professional knowledge and skills, and build capacity for on-going self-reflection, learning and development.

  • Adhere to professional and/or ethical codes of conduct and guidelines and legal requirements.

  • Develop entrepreneurial skills related to the business of film and media.

  • Develop a portfolio of film and media products for work search purposes.

  • Demonstrate self-awareness, self-confidence, self-direction, self-management and use resources to plan for and attain personal, career and work-related goals, within the context of a changing environment.

  • Work effectively and assertively in teams or crews to achieve desired goals and resolve differing and/or opposing ideas and points of view.


Work Placement

This program includes a work placement component so that students have a opportunity to gain valuable practical experience. The 14-week work placement takes place in the summer between years three and four.

Our Faculty

You’ll learn from experienced professors, including Emmy, Genie and Gemini award-winning industry professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge to the classroom. For information regarding faculty credentials for this program, see below.

View Faculty Credentials

Jeffrey Berman

BA (Honours), Political Science – University of Western Ontario
MA Journalism - University of Western Ontario

Alison L. Bruce

MA (English Language and Literature) – University of Toronto
BA (Honours Cinema Studies/Drama/Writing and Rhetoric) – University of Toronto


Garrett Kerr

MA (Media Production) –  Ryerson University

BFA (Film and Television) – New York University, USA

Professor/Program Co-ordinator

Adam P. Miller

PhD (Communication and Culture) – Ryerson University and York University
MA (English Literature) – University of Windsor
BA (English Literature and Language) – University of Toronto

Jeff Winch

BFA – Ontario College of Art and Design

MA – Ryerson University




Your Career

Media production is a major employer in Canada. More than $1.1 billion of production activity creates hundreds of thousands of jobs. The growth and increasing sophistication of new distribution channels is increasing the demand for imaginative, creative content, as production technology continues to expand and improve. As a result, there is constant demand for skilled thinkers and creators. As a graduate of Humber’s Bachelor of Film and Media Production degree program, you can pursue career opportunities in areas such as directing, cinematography, writing, producing and post-production, and interactive technologies, all of which will increase as the Canadian film industry continues to flourish.


Congratulations to exchange students Julius von Kauffmann, Jonas Blond, and Andreas Vestergaard whose film 25 was recently accepted into the Montreal World Film Festival. The film screened at the festival on August 27, 2016. Julius, Jonas and Andreas spent a semester at Humber in the Bachelor of Film and Media Production program in Winter 2016. They came to Humber from VIA University College in Denmark.

Mina Walking

FMP grad, Andrew Korogyi and FMTV grad, Yosef Baraki, have been honoured again for their film, Mina Walking. The film has been awarded the first ever 'Discovery Award' at the Canadian Screen Awards! 

Unique Projects

media production on ipad

The Transmedia Fellowship brought together six students to explore the challenges of multi-platform storytelling. Their project explored how musicians are using music festivals to engage with their audience and support themselves economically in the face of a changing digital and media landscape that is impacting the traditional business model of music.

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