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Visual Arts

Certificate of Participation | VA911

Our Program

This certificate’s courses introduce you to fundamental visual art practices and techniques, all in our professional studios.

With guidance from practicing artists/instructors, you will explore a variety of current methods and styles of two-dimensional art making—in both traditional and digital media—and form building blocks for creative expression and growth that extends beyond the classroom.

Additional Information

Exemptions: Students with a photographic background may be eligible for exemptions. Registration in advanced courses without assessment and permission of the co-ordinator is not permitted. The exemption process requires approximately two weeks.

Notes: You must complete the required courses FOTO 160 and FOTO 161 before taking an elective course.

Credential: To earn this certificate, you need to successfully complete a total of 15 credit courses. 

Your Career

Creative skills are desirable and sought after across disciplines, industry, and professions. Whether you are interested in a career in contemporary visual art or just want to explore your potential, our fundamentals program is a great place to start. With intensive, hands-on experiences that bridge traditional and digital mediums, our courses will help you develop relevant, contemporary art making skills that are an asset to numerous professions—from film, television, education, architecture, animation, graphic design, and more. Build your confidence in creative expression and take your love of art to the next level.

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