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Web Design and Production

Certificate of Completion | 11471

Web designing and coding is a highly-sought after skill. Whether you want to work exclusively in web design or add to your professional skill set, this certificate program is perfect for you. In the course of this program, you will develop foundational skills that will enable you to build dynamic websites for small businesses, blogs and social activities.


Learn the Language

Our web design certificate begins with you learning to code using the essential languages of HTML and CSS in addition to Adobe Dreamweaver. Rounding out your skills, you will learn Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator so you can create graphic elements and place enhanced photographs in your sites. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the creative workflow, from concept to site upload, and develop a sophisticated professional web portfolio that can be taken live to the web.


Your Career

Websites and the Internet are ingrained into our daily lives. With increasing frequency, companies and organizations interact and do business with the public through websites. This has created, and will continue to create, a demand for professionals with proficient web design and production skills. This certificate is for anyone who wants to build and manage their own website or showcase their coding and design skills to potential employers or clients.


Did you know?

CESMSIT Students

  • Receive a discount on Adobe software.
  • Have after-hours access to labs so you can work on projects before or after your class.
  • Have free access to – an online skills-training platform.
  • Have access to computer labs with the latest design software. Leave your laptop at home; you don’t need to bring it to class!

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