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Humber AdCentre

We started the Humber AdCentre to provide students with real work opportunities before entering into the industry.

student drawing on white board with dry erase marker

Instead of being given just a grade for assignments, you are provided with a chance to work with real clients, on actual accounts, receiving first-hand experience in your field. 

Working with established businesses will not only prepare you for the fast-paced excitement of the industry, but will also help you develop portfolio work to help get you there.

Instead of just 'spec' pieces (where creative is developed solely for yourself rather than for a client) you will also be given the necessary training required to make a smooth transition into the industry.

two students sitting at desks and writing in notebooks


student looking through binder

Furthermore, you will have the chance to get your work produced, seeing your ads in the subway or even your packaging on store shelves – all before you even graduate. 

These opportunities will not only give you a taste of what your industry has in store for you after graduation, but will also give you the skills needed for a successful career.