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Ad Centre Process Wheel


Clients come for the unbridled creativity. View process.

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Talented students come for the client experience. View work.

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Several Humber programs feed into the AdCentre. Find yours.

Humber AdCentre

The Humber AdCentre was launched as a live lab to provide students with real work opportunities before entering the industry.

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Instead of just being given just a grade for assignments, students are provided with a chance to work with real clients, on actual accounts, receiving first-hand experience in the field. 

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Working with established businesses will not only prepare students for the fast-paced excitement of the industry, but will also help develop portfolio work and reference points for interviews.

Instead of just 'spec' pieces (where creative is developed solely for yourself rather than for a client), students will be given the training required to make a smooth transition into the industry.

Furthermore, students will have the chance to get work produced,see their ads in the subway or even displayed on packaging on store shelves – all before graduation! 

These opportunities will not only give students a taste of what the industry has in store, but will also develop them the skills they need for a successful career.

 2015 Event

Pixel Perfect event video

Pixel Perfect was a great success! 

Watch the full video