Creative Concepts: Interactive Advertising

Course Code: ADV 3002

Academic Year: 2018-2019

Over the last ten years, interactive media in its various forms has become a critical tool in the arsenal of modern advertising. But unlike its predecessors, interactive media is by nature in a state of constant change and innovation. This presents unique challenges, but also incredible possibilities, to the practice of advertising. The course first introduces students to the basics of online media, including primers on fundamental web technologies, from HTML through rich media applications. It examines the current state of web advertising, its management and its financial models and examines specific creative approaches and technologies. In addition, the course looks at the social and cultural context of the medium and how that affects its use in advertising. The course also examines how interactive media can and must be integrated with ad executions in other media in a campaign. The goal of this course is not to train programmers but rather to develop students' understanding of the possibilities, and limitations, of interactive media so that they may creatively and effectively direct its use in advertising campaigns.