Change Management and Communications

Course Code: BUS 4200

Academic Year: 2018-2019

Organizations are experiencing unprecedented levels of change. A wide range of external and internal factors are affecting how organizations operate. Such factors include mergers, acquisitions, downsizings, restructurings, new business models and strategies, expansion into new markets, the introduction of new products and technologies, and economic booms and busts. Effective communication is critical in creating successful organizational change. This course investigates the nature of change in organizations and provides students with a framework, methodology and specific communication tools for communicating change. After understanding the framework of John Kotter's eight-stage change process, students learn how to assess an organization's readiness for change, develop an effective communication strategy, conduct a stakeholder analysis and discussion, identify and execute key factors for successful change implementation, and measure change. Lectures, case studies and guest speakers serve as the key methods of instruction. This course enhances students' critical thinking ability, as well as their ability to work effectively on a change management team.