Web Building and Site Management

Course Code: DCOM 3500

Academic Year: 2018-2019

The course includes deep examination of issues such as information architecture, accessibility and usability, professional interface design, and overall editorial management. Students gain a deeper understanding of emerging Web design trends and technologies such as content management systems. The course explores the use of open source web-based content management systems such as Drupal, Moodle, Wordpress and other online software solutions which can be used to create dynamic and flexible web sites and landing pages. Learners will explore the fundamentals of planning dynamic websites, CMS database management, developing CSS-controlled site templates, and creating database driven websites through the planning and creation of their own topic-based sites. Topical areas include (but are not limited to) defining project goals and requirements, media selection, digitization, storyboarding, interface design, assessment, and outsourcing. Collaborative teamwork in the design and development of interactive technology-based projects is emphasized.