Course Code: FOTO 4000

Academic Year: 2018-2019

This course is designed as a survey introduction to photography as a commercial medium, with special emphasis placed on photography as applied to advertising. The course material is roughly divided into the theoretical (history, culture, esthetics of photography), the practical (tools and techniques) and the applied (photography in advertising). It addresses the history and development of photography, its basic processes and its role in contemporary advertising, including legal issues and procedures for art directing photographers. The goal of the course is to develop in students a professional level of photo-literacy that may be applicable to a variety of roles in an agency context. Coursework includes analysis and critiques of photographs in the context of advertising; labs that include basic photography and digital image manipulation; one group project; and a major essay that focuses on one of the three general topic areas listed above (the theoretical, the practical or the applied). No previous experience in photography is assumed or expected; however, students must be prepared to acquire basic skills in shooting and digitally manipulating images.