Web Design and Development

Course Code: GDPW 004

Academic Year: 2019-2020

This course introduces web design concepts and theory and presents students with a basic exploration of the underlying standards and structures (using HTML, HTML5, CSS and CSS3) that form the World Wide Web as we know it today. We will also explore some of the efficiency tools in Dreamweaver that assist with the creation of standards compliant web pages. Students will learn the basics of online forms, the use of HTML tables for tabular data and how to maximize website usability. Other topics will include file formats, usability, interactive elements and user experiences and expectations. The rules and dos and don'ts of design layout and function, typography, colour and graphical elements will also be explored. Students will be shown how interface elements such as buttons, backgrounds, icons and interactions can enhance a website's overall user experience. Students will further develop their composition skills with a variety of tools and techniques to create engaging and user-friendly interfaces for multiple web projects. This course will also instruct students on how to use and organize their digital files and utilize scripts for productivity and techniques for creating graphics for various devices and resolutions, such as mobile, retina display and tablet devices.