Portfolio Development

Course Code: GDPW 012

Academic Year: 2019-2020

Conducted in seminar format, this course is designed to help prepare students for the graphic design industry job market they will be entering on graduation. Students should prepare for the class by reviewing all their resume and portfolio materials; assessing what they want to accomplish once they complete this program; and bring questions and topics of concern to the seminar. The final portfolio presentation for the Print & Web program will combine all of the skills and techniques learned during the entire program into one final project. Students are responsible for preparing a formal presentation of their print work creating a website that demonstrates their particular design style and technical skills while remaining usable enough so that any client or potential employer will have no trouble navigating through it. Although the portfolio website acts as a showcase for all of the work completed during the semester, it is also a portfolio piece and should, therefore, be polished to the level of all the other portfolio work.