State of the Media Industries

Course Code: JOUR 4500

Academic Year: 2018-2019

This course will provide students with insight into the current state of media industries, where flux and rapid change have had substantial effects on the roles, responsibilities and challenges faced by journalists, media owners and their clients (three integral groups); the sources; the audience; and the advertisers. By examining current business practices, organizational structures and challenges and changing regulations, students will develop a thorough knowledge and demonstrate their awareness of an industry with unique and shifting business practices. Students will examine current industry trends through course site postings, guest speaker reports and a final case study that analyzes the causes and effects a current media trend has had on the journalists, the owners and their clients. The case study may also form a component of a student's senior level thesis project, pending faculty/program head approval. Students will also develop their own employment proposal/interest statement which reflects how they will incorporate knowledge gained and lessons learned in this course into their own career paths after graduation.