Strategic Media Writing

Course Code: MDCM 206

Academic Year: 2019-2020

In this course, students develop a critical understanding of the communications needs of an organization and the content needs of its website. They learn to write for specific audiences through specific media, including corporate websites and social media. The students begin work on producing promotional or informational video proposals for corporate or not-for-profit organizations. They research, write and edit news releases and backgrounder sheets, and produce pitch letters for mainstream as well as alternative media, both print and online. Additionally, they may write short feature pieces for online trade magazines, newsletters or a venue of their choosing. Students also research, write and edit brochures and e-blasts. They adapt print material for the web, demonstrating their understanding of information architecture by repeating strong keywords in heads, leads and photo captions; producing sidebars; writing eye-catching sub-heads; and incorporating hypertext into their work. They also produce writing for spoken delivery, such a speeches and introductions. Throughout, they adhere to the requirements of all good writing: proper grammar and syntax, supported opinion, verifiable fact, thorough research and engaging voice.