Fundraising and Philanthropy

Course Code: MSTU 3500

Academic Year: 2018-2019

PR professionals play a number of critical roles in fundraising depending upon their workplace setting. In companies, they help select charitable partners for sponsorship, community relations, and corporate social responsibility activities. In agencies, they provide expert counsel for for-profit clients seeking brand-enhancing relationships with charities, and for non-profit clients that rely upon fundraising to execute missions. And they hold key jobs inside non-profit organizations, creating and executing communications strategies that enable and enhance revenue generation processes. Students in this course explore the important role that public relations plays in fundraising. They review the various methods used by professionals and volunteers to raise revenue, and specifically examine the communications processes used to identify target audiences and to develop value propositions that encourage philanthropy and sponsorship. As well, students will examine the increasingly prominent role that philanthropy and sponsorship play in brand promotion in the for-profit sector. Students will acquire and demonstrate the skills required to plan, execute and evaluate public relations strategies related to fundraising and to the development of a philanthropic culture among a variety of target audiences.