Writing Lab 5: Advanced Public Relations Writing

Course Code: PBRL 3002

Academic Year: 2018-2019

This course builds on skills learned in previous writing courses in the program and focuses on applying planning, analytical and writing skills to more complex writing assignments, such as executive summaries of organizational reports, research reports, policy statements and position papers, communications proposals and speeches. Analyses of this type of writing developed by a variety of Canadian organizations in a wide range of scenarios and feedback on student work by public relations (PR) practitioners serve to highlight the different approaches and the high industry standards expected for these communications vehicles. Research and review of award-winning PR writing also identify and underscore the stringent requirements of PR writing emphasized in the program to date. In addition, students learn the significance of professional portfolios for their written work and develop a personal portfolio for use in internship and future career opportunities. The Canadian Press (CP) style of writing is used and assessed in all aspects of this course. Awareness of current events and issues locally, nationally and internationally is essential for successfully developing the work in this course; current events knowledge is tested continually. This course is a requisite for the capstone course of the degree.