Public Relations in the Non-Profit Sector

Course Code: PBRL 3501

Academic Year: 2018-2019

PR in the non-profit sector offers practitioners great professional challenges and opportunities in a highly rewarding practice environment. There are many thousands of non-profit organizations, including charities, active in Canada in every area of the economy, such as environmentalism, health care, child services, professional associations, religious/peace organizations and more. Public relations practice in this environment requires professionalism, skill, dedication and commitment. The rewards that come from public relations in the non-profit environment are compelling; practitioners get the opportunity to practise in areas of personal passion and, in many cases, to "do good" in the world. This course details the fundamentals for PR practitioners in working in a non-profit organization: the structural differences in these organizations vs. for profit enterprises, how these impact communication and how non-profits work with businesses for mutual benefit.