Marketing Communications

Course Code: PRC 5008

Academic Year: 2018-2019

In order to succeed, organizations must use a skilful blend of communications to promote products and services for the greatest return on investment in terms of dollars and staff time. This course looks at the basics of marketing and how marketing communications fits into the overall marketing mix. Next, key concepts in brand and reputation management and positioning strategies will be covered. The difference between corporate advertising done for the direct benefit of the organization versus advertising the company's product and services is explored. The course examines what each marketing communication tool is meant to do from a strategic, rather than simply descriptive, standpoint. Students examine what is necessary to develop effective promotions in an integrated marketing communications (IMC) program to achieve clarity, consistency and maximum communication impact across all media. Emphasis is placed on the role of public relations using case studies, best practices and group exercises to select appropriate strategies and tactics to meet marketing objectives. Given that today's business climate emphasizes accountability for marketing communications spending, students learn how to measure individual promotions and the overall IMC program. Current trends in the marketing environment and their impact on communications are discussed along with ethical considerations that accompany promotional practices.