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Humber Launches Digital Badges for Fall 2018

Our flexible educational offerings allow you to focus on the skills and competencies you need by earning digital badges through courses, workshops, seminars and more. With our digital badges, Humber Continuing Education (CE) students have the opportunity to be on the forefront of professional and personal development.

What are Digital Badges?

A badge is a digital icon that represents a micro-credential recognized by Humber. Add digital badges to your online resumé, portfolio, LinkedIn profile or website. Readers can click on the badge to reveal imbedded information about the micro-credentials you've earned, where and when you earned them, and the competencies you demonstrated to gain them.

How Do I Earn Digital Badges?

Digital badges are earned by completing micro-credentials for skills and competencies gained through Humber Continuing Education (CE) workshops, courses and seminars. You may also be able to get credit for existing knowledge and skills via the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) process and have that credit count toward a badge.

Beyond the Badge: Stackable Credentials

As more digital badges become available, learners will have the opportunity to combine individual badges they've earned to form larger badges that represent a more complex suite of skills or competencies. These are called "stackable credentials." You can also stack some badges to achieve larger credentials, such as diplomas and certificates.

What are the Benefits of Earning Digital Badges?

Flexibility & Customization

  • Select courses, workshops and other offerings from across Humber's academic schools and fields of study to earn the digital badges you need to achieve your goals.
  • Tailor your educational pathway to your lifestyle by taking courses or other CE offerings that work with your schedule.
  • Learn new skills that will help advance your career or move you in a new direction.
  • If a single badge is all you want, that's all you have to do to get a cutting-edge professional credential from a recognized postsecondary institution. Want more? Keep badging! 


Micro-credential: an educational recognition of skill(s) or competency(ies) earned via completion of one or more courses, workshops, etc.

Digital badge: a digital icon representing a micro-credential issued by Humber and validating your successful demonstration of specific skills and competencies.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR): a process that gives you the opportunity to obtain academic credit for applicable skills and/or knowledge gained through work or life experiences.

What Does Getting a Digital Badge Actually Look Like?

This is Zahra.

While she's practically an expert at Instagram, Zahra thinks having acknowledgement of her social media savvy from a recognized institution might give her a competitive edge in her job hunt.

1. Social Media Advertising

Zahra decided on the Social Media Advertising course that will give her a chance to earn a digital badge. Soon, Zahra has her first digital badge from Humber.

2. Monitoring and Measuring Social Media

The experience was so great, she decides to go back for another, in Monitoring and Measuring Social Media.

3. Social Media Content Strategy

By the time Zahra is done her second badge, she's already on her way to getting a third in Social Media Content Strategy.

4. Social Media Certificate

With the completion of her third digital badge, Zahra realizes she can stack her courses into a stackable credential: a Certificate of Participation in Social Media. Every resumé she sends out now proudly bears her Humber Badges, allowing prospective employers to see exactly what she brings to the table. With this information in hand, Zahra's aiming for an even better job than she was before.