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Social Media

Certificate of Participation | SM911

The world in which we live is heavily influenced by our social and business interactions in the digital space. Whether sharing opinions on Twitter or wooing new customers with Facebook, organizations, brands, and individuals must adapt to this new form of instant two-way communication and commerce.

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This certificate immerses you in our shared digital reality and builds awareness and competencies with popular social media tools that are found within. Designed for the working professional, self employed, or person in the midst of a career transition, the courses are geared towards questions of professional and personal brand marketing, entrepreneurial and business success, analytics, and trends. 

Upon completion of this program, you will gain perspective on how truly valuable social media is in telling the story you want to tell. Understand and apply social media and take a seat at the decision-making table and impart wisdom on stakeholders, colleagues, and naysayers.

Credential: Take any three courses and earn a Certificate of Participation.

Fall Registration Begins Friday, July 21st.


Credential: Take 3 of the following electives: