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Browse through our course offerings. Learn from industry-experienced instructors and gain access to our state-of-the-art computer labs and industry-standard software and equipment, creating a learning experience like none other in Ontario.

Course Name Course Code
3D Animation with 3ds Max IMAG 022
3D for Texturing and Lighting IMAG 023
3D Modelling with 3ds Max IMAG 021
3D Rendering and Output IMAG 127
Administrating a SQL Server Database MSDB 101
Adobe After Effects PSTP 002
Adobe Illustrator 1 IMAG 133
Adobe Illustrator 2 IMAG 136
Adobe InDesign Level 1 IMAG 139
Adobe InDesign Level 2 IMAG 134
Adobe Lightroom FOTO 127
Adobe Photoshop 1 IMAG 132
Adobe Photoshop 2 IMAG 135
Advanced Design Portfolio Development IMAG 140
Advanced Photoshop Photography FOTO 191
AJAX Development for the Web: Level 2 IMAG 112
Big Data Essentials BDAT 120
Black and White Photography FOTO 118
Business Intelligence SQL Server MSDB 102
Captioning and Described Video INDM 003
Communicating Financial Information PRDS 103
Conferences to Galas PRDS 160
Creating Accessible Documents INDM 004
Critical Thinking and IT Concepts CPAN 110
Data Essentials of MS-Excel 13 BDAT 110
Desktop Prepress and Print-Product Development IMAG 137
Digital Photography 1 FOTO 160
Digital Photography 2 FOTO 161
Distributed Computing using Java CPAN 252
Documentary Style Wedding Photography FOTO 185
Dreamweaver: Designing for Web IMAG 118
DSLR Filmmaking for Photographers FOTO 126
Entertainment and Sports Events PRDS 120
Event Theory and Practice PRDS 165
Framework Programming CPAN 151
Fundamentals of Social Media Strategy SMED 005
Google Master Class BDAT 100
HTML for Web Design and Production IMAG 117
Implementing and Maintaining an SQL Server Database MSDB 100
Inclusive Design in Digital Media - Introduction INDM 001
Introduction to CSS-Based Web Design IMAG 017
Introduction to Public Relations PRDS 105
Introduction to Social Media Tools SMED 002
Java Application Development CPAN 155
Macro Photography FOTO 117
Marketing Public Relations PRDS 162
Media Relations PRDS 148
Microsoft Office for Public Relations PRDS 158
Mobile Programming CPAN 200
Monitoring and Measuring Social Media SMED 004
Nature Photo FOTO 174
Object-Oriented Programming using Java CPAN 131
Operating Systems CPAN 133
Organizational Communication and Behaviour PRDS 164
Photographic Lighting 1 FOTO 180
Photographic Lighting 2 FOTO 182
Portrait Photography 1 FOTO 175
Portrait Photography 2 FOTO 171
Portraiture Photography Workshop ARTL 007
Presentation Skills PRDS 146
Public Relations Entrepreneur PRDS 168
Public Relations Leadership Practicum PRDS 167
Raiser's Edge Fundraising Software FUND 018
Relational DB Design and SQL CPAN 152
Reputation Management PRDS 145
Search Engine Optimization SMED 001
Social Media for Public Relations PRDS 147
Sponsorships and Promotions - Event Planning PRDS 121
Strategic Communications Planning PRDS 163
Typography IMAG 138
UAV (Drone) Filmmaking and Image Capture Introduction UAVT 001
UAV Pilot Ground School UAVT 002
Video and Photography - Fundamentals ARTL 004
Video Camera Techniques - Advanced BRTV 182
Video Camera Techniques - Introduction BRTV 180
Video Editing - Advanced BRTV 183
Video Editing - Introduction BRTV 181
Visual and Digital Art - Fundamentals ARTL 001
Web Programming and Design CPAN 134
Writing for Business and the Media PRDS 149
Writing for Inclusive Design in Digital Media INDM 002