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8 Cool Perks For Humber Continuing Education Students That You Probably Didn't Know About

By: Lara Harb

Let's face it, most of us are exhausted before taking a night class. From working long days, attending meetings and waking up early it's tempting to go back home and enjoy some Netflix while binging on Chinese takeout. However, you have chosen the time (and money) to invest in yourself - smart choice! Whether you are taking a night class to advance your career, explore a new hobby or pursue a passion, you are accelerating your growth. It's important to come to class feeling energized and ready to learn! Humber College is known for its state-of-the-art facilities and equipment spanning across different academic schools, from health sciences to media studies. With so much available right on campus for daytime students, there's no reason why Continuing Education students can't reap the benefits too. Here are 8 cool things to do before you Humber night class - let's explore! 

1. Take a Stroll in the Humber Arboretum

Did you know that Humber College has its very own botanical garden and conservation centre? With hiking trails, gardens and a centre for ecology, there's lots to explore in this beautiful space, only steps away from Humber North campus.  Even wedding photos are taken here! Explore the Fall colours and take some practice shots before your photography class, find a quiet spot to meditate and let go of your day, or even rent snowshoes in the winter and take a stroll - the possibilities are endless! The Humber Arboretum also offers workshops in sustainability and horticulture. For more information, visit

Humber Arboretum

Photo by David Lui from Humber's Digital Archive

2. Squeeze in a Workout

Now you have no excuse to miss out on core day!  Hit the gym before or after class by visiting our Athletics and Recreation Centre. Most of us spend the day sitting by our computers which has a negative effect on our health. Going to the gym is a great way to keep active so you can feel energized before class, physically and mentally. Our centre includes a weight room, cardio room, fitness studios and basketball, badminton and volleyball courts. With centres located in our North and Lakeshore campus, you have no excuse.

If solo workouts aren't your thing, Humber offers free group fitness classes to all our Continuing Education students.  From spin classes to yoga and dance, there's a group fitness class for everyone! Check out the Lake schedule, and North schedule

Still not motivated? Did you know that the Atheltics and Recreation centre offers the opportunity to train with a  Certified Personal Trainer at a discounted rate? We're sure that will get you moving and shedding a few pounds! Personal trainers will customize a workout program for you focused on your fitness goals, fat loss and muscles gain! More information on personal traning visit,

work out with exercise balls

Photo by Humber Fitness and Health Promotion

3. Grab a Fancy Bite to Eat Before Class

Feeling fancy? The Humber Room is a full service upscale-casual restaurant, located at the North campus of Humber College. The Humber Room provides a fine dining experience. Open Monday to Friday for lunch 11:30AM -1:15PM and dinner, 5:45PM - 7:30PM. Meals are prepared by Humber students studying in our Culinary programs and service is provided by students studying in the Hospitality and Event Management program. From Ontario Mushroom Tarte Tatin to Pink Moscato Panna Cotta, treat yourself before class!

upscale dining in the humber room

Photo by The Humber Room

4. Grab a Quick Bite to Eat Before Class

If you don't have time for something fancy and you are going straight from your 9-5 to your evening class, you don’t want to learn on an empty stomach. We've got classics such as Booster Juice, Pizza Pizza, Tim Hortons, Teriyaki Experience and more. Due to classroom policies especially in labs, it's best to eat before class or during break. Check with your instructor before and visit for a list of food services and hours.

5. Get a Massage

Stressful day? Recovering from an injury? Why not book in a massage with a massage therapy student at Humber North Campus. Humber's Massage Therapy offers this service as part of students' on-campus internship. Each appointment is monitored by a registered massage therapist (RMT) who is part of the program faculty. As a Continuing Education student, you will receive the student discount rate, just bring your timetable with you! Treatment includes a comprehensive patient exam, treatment plan and home care recommendations. For more information, visit

 a leg massage

6. Visit an Art Gallery on Campus

Need some inspiration before class? Visit our student art gallery at our North and Lakeshore campus and admire some local Toronto art. The Humber Galleries provide creative programming and access to contemporary artwork. There are different exhibits running throughout the year. Currently, exhibits Into You: On the Edge and Intro You: Fall in Deep are being displayed. "Into You highlights artmaking as a meditative act of self-discovery. Like any great infatuation, the deeper one goes, the more there is to discover." You can learn more about the Humber Galleries here, .

Painting with a lof of blue

Artwork The Trap by Melanie Authier 2012

7. Grab a Drink Before Class

Hard day at work? Perhaps your classmates want a place to socialize before or after class? Check out Linx LoungeLinx, Humber's very own bar and lounge! If your class falls on a Thursday night, check out some great programming to shake off your day such as soca nights, country, open mics and more. We know you work hard, you deserve that pint. Cheers!

 cups of bear in various shades

8. Talk to a Career Coach

Career coaching services are not only offered to daytime students. Many Continuing Education students can benefit from seeing a career coach. Whether discussing a career transition, updating your resume, or advancing your skills, a counsellor can help you take action! Our Career Advancement Centre also offers complimentary workshops on effective job search strategies, mastering the employment interview and LinkedIn! Talk to a career coach and learn more about this complimentary service, here

Photo by David Lui from Humber's Digital Archive

Remember, you are doing more than just taking a night class. You are part of the Humber lifestyle, so take advantage of it!

For more information on our continuing education courses, please visit