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  • First Day of Class for a Communication Student

Day 1: Words of Wisdom from your Communications Instructor

By: Trudy Goldenberg

Are you enrolled in public relations or a corporate communications class? No need to be worried about your first day back to school! Whether you are a recent grad or haven't been in school for a while, here are some words of wisdom from your Corporate Communications and PR Instructor Trudy Goldenberg!

Trudy Goldenberg

Instructor, Trudy Goldenberg

1. What does the first day of a communications class look like?

On the first day of a course in these programs, your professors will introduce themselves, get acquainted with each student in the class, and go over the course topics and requirements with you. You will find that while your professors have varying teaching styles, all of them will be clear about their expectations and emphasize what is important to them. Then, your instructors will dive right in to the course content.

2. What can students do between now and the beginning of the program to prepare for the first day?

Good PR people have a natural curiosity and solid awareness of real news stories and trends that are happening in various sectors in Canada and globally. As a student in a PR program at Humber, you should have a keen interest in the daily news. Please be sure to read and watch news coverage across a variety of sources for several days before you begin your PR courses. Try to closely follow specific news stories that interest you most. This will prepare you for classroom discussions and exercises in which your instructor may ask you to analyze or comment on real news stories and PR issues.

3. What should students know prior to coming to class? 

Your professors may ask you to tell the class a little about your background, and about your reasons for taking a course or enrolling in a program. Students should be prepared to answer these kinds of questions. You should bring a notebook and pencil/pen to take notes, and a laptop/tablet to conduct research and look at online content examples during class.

4. Any last words of wisdom? 

We have all been new to a classroom full of strangers. This experience can give you butterflies! Try not to be shy or nervous. Relax and maintain an open mind. Your fellow classmates and your professors will come from widely different backgrounds and experiences. They have a lot to teach you! You will learn so much more if you allow yourself to breathe and take in as much as possible from your course.

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