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  • First Day of Class for a Design Student

Day 1: Words of Wisdom from your Graphic/Web Design Instructor

By: Milorad Eftoski

Are you enrolled in a graphic design or web design class? No need to be worried about your first day back to school! Whether you are a recent grad or haven't been in school for a while, here are some words of wisdom from your web and graphic design Instructor Milorad Eftoski!


Instructor, Milorad Eftoski

1. What does the first day of a design class look like?

The first day of school is very exciting in many ways! You have the opportunity to meet new students, check out our latest computer room arrangements and explore a passion. Students get to meet one another and their instructor for the course along with the latest software and hardware introduction. Our Humber Continuing Education students get access to our state-of-the-art computer labs with MACs and PCs!

2. What can students do between now and the beginning of the program to prepare for the first day?

Students can read up on the latest software update for the Adobe Creative Suite via the Creative Cloud website and get involved with other fellow students who express interest in the digital creative subject through various creative design blogs such as 

3. What should students know prior to coming to class? 

Students should bring writing materials as taking notes is vital for the first day of the course.  A USB stick is also recommended as they can back up the digital files that will be administered in the classroom. A printed form regarding their course info which provides the name and password will also come in handy. There will be a lab technician onsite in case you have trouble logging into the system.

4. Any last words of wisdom? 

This might be a new learning curve for a student, however an exciting learning experience that will transform and excel their knowledge in the creative digital industry. Not very often do we decide to go back to school or try learning something totally new. We get caught up in the details of the process and forget to look at the overall approach which should bring excitement and joy as every journey has endless possibilities! It is important to keep the end goal in mind as we embark on a path to creative freedom and along the way, meet new people and expand our personal networks. Good luck and have fun!

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