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  • My Photography Journey: Jordan Cait

My Photography Journey: Jordan Cait

By: Jordan Cait

Continuing Education student, Jordan Cait, describes his photography experience at Humber College.

A Humber Continuing Education Student's Journey Through Photography

Jorden Cait in a batman shirt

The pressure from work and volunteer activities was mounting and I began to realize that I desperately needed a hobby.  I always had some interest in photography but really hadn’t pursued it for decades.   In 2013, I walked into the local Henrys store and purchased a Canon T3i kit and started to experiment.

 I immediately read a great deal about photography on the internet and made some progress but I decided to try a classroom setting where I could study alongside others.  I signed up for an intermediate photography course at a local college and was fortunate to have a very good instructor.  I progressed in my photography but I was disappointed that we were only in a classroom and not allowed to use any of the studio equipment.  “That was only for the daytime students”.

 I enjoy nature photography very much and a friend of mine took me to the Humber Arboretum to explore.  What a great facility for nature photography!   I really didn’t know anything about Humber but looked up their website and found that they had several interesting photography classes.   I contacted Humber photography instructor, Johan Sorensen to learn more about the program. After interviewing me, Johan agreed to give me advanced standing and I began taking classes at Humber.  Although it isn’t especially close to my home or work, the north campus is easy to reach from either the 401 or the 407. I have now completed three photography classes and every one of them took place in a large studio where we had access to an array of photographic equipment.  

I maintain a database of all the images I have captured and part of my workflow involves ranking the images from 1 – 5.   I can see a vast improvement in my photographic skills.  I look at images that I ranked very highly only a year ago and now think that they are, at best, mediocre.

"I can see a noticeable improvement in my skills and I continue to enjoy the comradery of other like-minded students."

Continuing Education students are very keen to learn and put considerable effort into their classes.  I can see a noticeable improvement in my skills and I continue to enjoy the comradery of other like-minded students.  I look forward to my Humber classes and encourage others to take that first step.

Pet photography by Jordan Cait

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