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  • Web Development and Design

We are living in an increasingly connected world where the web is in our workplaces, on our desktops, in our living rooms and in our pockets.

We are experiencing new ways to work, play and socialize.

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Multimedia Design & Development Diploma

This program offers the opportunity to participate in an extensive multimedia design education where you’ll build a range of interactive digital media production skills. 

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Web Design & Interactive Media Advanced Diploma 

Interactive media is an ever-expanding, multidisciplinary industry that combines the creative and the technical skills to build the tools that we have come to depend on every day. 

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Web Development Certificate

This program focuses on the development of websites and web services for multiple environments, including database-driven programming, content management, and mobile services.

Use the most current versions of industry-standard applications.

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Web Design and Development Certificate

This program's unique project-based approach leads students through the entire web design and development process – including the creation of rich-media online applications.