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July 27, 2017


Students from Professor Robert Blain's second-year Web Design and Interactive Media class were asked to redesign Legalswipe's innovative app. The app aimed to provide users with quick, accurate knowledge on their legal rights when confronted by a police officer. However, after the apps initial launch in 2015, Legalswipe soon discovered there were several usability growing pains. Users could not reliably navigate the app in the heat of the moment, and as such, were not fully enticed to use the app.

Legalswipe reached out to Humber for help, and that's where Robert Blair and his students entered the picture. The students took on this Applied Research project and used Humber's state-of-the-art Usablity Lab to redesign the Legalswipe app to be more dynamic and aesthetically appealing. In the end, the students exceeded Legalswipe Co-Founder Christien Levien's expectations. He remarked that the students succeed in making the app more fun and intuitive to use.

The opportunity proved to be an excellent real-world learning experience for the students and a great piece to add to their portfolio. Congrats to the second-year Web Design and Interactive Media students for their hard work and their contributions to making this important app a success.

Watch the video to see Robert Blain discuss the collaboration with Humber Web Design students to design Legalswipe.

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