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Bosniak - A Student Success Story


16-year-old Nadzija is forced to the limits of her humanity in order to survive the Bosnian War. She is accompanied by Vesna, a widowed mother of an infant boy, as they attempt to reach a refugee camp together. The consequences of their actions continue to haunt them decades later.

About Bosniak

Bosniak is a short film written, directed and produced by Film and Television Production (FMTV) Diploma program graduate Kejd Kuqo. Since the film's completion, it has been generating buzz on the festival circuit worldwide.

Bosniak is part of CBC's Reflection program, Canada’s longest running showcase of independent short film. Reflections has acquired films from now top filmmakers such as Atom Egoyan and David Cronenberg, as well as various Oscar nominees and winners.

Bosniak accolades CBC

Bosniak Promotional Stills

Festival and Awards Screenings

Below is a list of all the festivals and awards Bosniak has had the pleasure of screening at.

Festival Name Location  Award
Air Canada On Route Film Festival Playing on Air Canada Flights  
Big River Film Festival Savannah, Georgia Best Student Film
Cannes Film Festival
Short Films Corner 
Cannes, France   
Concordia Film Festival Concordia, Montreal  
Festival Du Nouveau Cinema Montreal  
First Step Film Festival Tirana, Albania  
Flickers Rhode Island Film Festival
(Roving Eye Film Festival) 
Providence, Rhode
Future of Film Showcase Toronto, Ontario  People's Choice Award
HollyShorts Film Festival Sherman Oaks, California  
InShort Film Festival Poland  
Montreal World Film Festival Montreal  
Riverrun International Film
North Carolina 
Snowtown Film Festival Watertown, New York Best Foreign Film
South East European Film
Los Angeles, California   
Sunscreen Film Festival West Hermosa Beach, 
Toronto International Short
Film Festival 
Toronto, Ontario  
Toronto Youth Shorts Toronto, Ontario Industry Choice, Achievement in Film Directing- Fiction,
Audience Choice
Winchester Film Festival Winchester, England  
Worldfest - Houston Houston, Texas  Remi Winner
Yale Film Festival New Haven, Connecticut