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Media Video Production

Certificate of Completion | 11691

Our Program

The demand for video has soared in the last few years as online viewing options and audiences have expanded at exponential rates. (Just imagine a world without Facebook or Youtube videos!)

Whether for business, personal expression, or good old fashioned storytelling, our video production certificate will propel you on your way to making top quality film and video productions for the online world. Using our professional studios, cameras, lights, and sound gear, you will learn industry standard techniques in shooting and editing. The advanced courses culminate with each student producing a final project for upload to an online platform. In addition, theories and aesthetics of documentary, dramatic narrative, and corporate genres will be discussed.
Video editing courses are taught using Adobe Premiere Pro, an industry standard software application, in our state-of-the-art computer labs. All instructors are professionals who have many years of experience shooting, producing, and editing.

Your Career

Comprised of four core courses: two studio camera courses and two editing courses, this certificate is designed to give you the foundation to begin producing projects for clients or enable you to make the transition from an amateur to a professional. You will gain a strong understanding of the production process and the technical skills demanded by local employers to create great content. There has never been a better time to explore opportunities in video production or a higher demand for media content. 

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