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Photographic Techniques

Certificate of Achievement | 48211

Our Program

This course introduces students to basic photographic theory, practice, and techniques. Students think and work visually using a variety of digital media. They use photography as a tool in self-expression, visual communication, and creativity. Students use manual controls of cameras, exposure, and available light and fill flash lighting techniques.

The Photographic Techniques curriculum focuses on image capture techniques, creative and conceptual proficiency, practical skills such as lighting, colour and black-and-white output, and image post-production editing. Students also study commercial studio techniques and portraiture.

Your Career

Sharpen your focus by taking your love of photography from interest and passion to a career.

The Internet and digital photography have radically altered the photographic industry. Thousands of websites, e-books, e-zines, and other online publications have joined the hundreds of print publications in North America that are constantly searching for good photography to illustrate their content. In addition, there are growing wedding, portrait, and editorial opportunities in print, digital, and motion capture formats.

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