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Certificate of Achievement | PH941

Ever thought of becoming a professional photographer? In this extremely comprehensive program, you'll learn the skills, technology and knowledge to take your passion for photography to the next level. You'll learn from highly-skilled instructors on how to use ISO settings, photoshop, white balancing techniques, how to achieve a proper depth of field and much, much more. Become an expert in the craft and art of photography and transform your hobby into your career.


Sharpen Your Focus

The Photography curriculum introduces students to basic photography theory, practice, and techniques, such as manual controls of cameras, exposure, available light and fill flash lighting techniques. In addition to this, students will learn image capture techniques, creative and conceptual proficiency, practical skills such as lighting, colour and black-and-white output, and image post-production editing. Students will also study commercial studio techniques and portraiture.


From Hobby to Career

Your career in photography will be full of opportunities. The Internet and digital photography have radically altered the photography industry. Thousands of websites, e-books, e-zines, and other online publications have joined the hundreds of print publications in North America that are constantly searching for good photography to accompany and highlight their content. In addition, there are growing wedding, portrait, and editorial opportunities in print, digital, and motion capture formats.


Did you know?

CESMSIT Students

  • Receive a discount on Adobe software.
  • Have after-hours access to labs so you can work on projects before or after your class.
  • Have free access to – an online skills-training platform.
  • Have access to computer labs with the latest design software. Leave your laptop at home; you don’t need to bring it to class!
  • Will learn about emerging photographic technologies, such as 4K photo.
  • Will receive constructive feedback from instructors and classmates.

"The photography teachers and classes at Humber are truly wonderful. I guarantee you will learn in a positive and nurturing environment." - Barb M., Photography Grad

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