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The use of Multi-rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), aka drones, has increased significantly in both civil and public sector applications in recent years. Ranging from aerial photography and filmmaking, to industrial survey, smart agriculture, mapping, as well as search and rescue. With advancing technology and experienced experts, the UAV industry is developing rapidly in commercial applications.

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Yifei Zhao


UAVT 001
UAV Image Capture & Processing - Introduction

drone filmmaking

Multi-rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have brought with it many possibilities in both civil and public sector applications. Ranging from aerial photography, to industrial survey, smart agriculture, as well as search and rescue. This intro level course focuses on these multi-rotor UAVs specifically for image capture and processing. This course will help you to understand the fundamentals of commercial UAV operations by focusing on the following areas: equipment and technical capabilities, regulatory requirements, and UAV operational workflow.

*This workshop includes a 3-hour heavy-lift UAV demonstration.

Not being offered at this time.

UAVT 002 
UAV Pilot Ground School 

pilot ground school

This course is compliant with Transport Canada's requirements for Pilots of Small UAV Systems and covers five main areas of foundational knowledge: air law, navigation, meteorology, aeronautics and radiotelephony. In addition, the course employs a practical approach of UAV operations by introducing students to real flight scenarios from industrial applications, such as filmmaking, search and rescue as well as inspections. Critical UAV pilot skills covered include: flight planning, standard operating procedures, risk and crisis management, equipment maintenance and repairs and post flight image/video processing. 

Recommended: UAVT 001 - UAV Image Capture & Processing - Introduction

Credential: UAV Pilot Ground School certificate meeting Transport Canada Compliant requirements. Students must have a passing grade of 60% or more on the final exam upon completion of the course.

Delivery Format: The course is delivered online with both Self-Learning and Live Session (Instructor-led) components. Final exam is 4 hours in duration, including 1 hour of ROC-A Exam.

UAV Pilot 
Flight School

uav pilot coming soon

Provides hands-on UAV flight training for those who successfully completed Pilot Ground School. This comprehensive flight school course aims at building a solid foundation for entry level UAV pilots. Upon completion of the course, students will gain the practical experience of carrying out safe and efficient UAV operations.

Course Offerings

Course Code Course Section Course Name Hours Fees DoW Start Date End Date Start Time End Time Location
UAVT 002 909 UAV Pilot Ground School 24 $445.00 Sat 14-Oct-17 28-Oct-17 n/a n/a Online
UAVT 002 919 UAV Pilot Ground School 24 $445.00 Sat  21-Nov-17  8-Dec-17 n/a n/a Online



uav video

Watch the video to find out more about drones.