Transmedia Fellowship

Humber’s Transmedia Fellowship The Transmedia Fellowship offers Humber students the opportunity to create multi-platform narratives and research the way in which this new form of storytelling is engaging its audience. The Fellowship reflects the commitment of the School of Media Studies and Information Technology to provide students with innovative learning opportunities to prepare them for the challenges of storytelling in a rapidly changing digital landscape. The Fellowship brought together six students from across academic programs and presented them with the challenge of creating a multi-platform story over a 15 week period. The students were given access to the school’s equipment, labs and facilities and were supported by two faculty advisors. The project that resulted was conceived and executed solely by the students who demonstrated a willingness to push the boundaries of traditional narrative and the capacity to quickly form a cohesive and effective working group. We are very proud of their efforts.

Basil Guinane

Associate Dean

School of Media Studies and Information Technology

Humber's Transmedia 2015 Team

Brian Lee


Following his passion for storytelling, Brian studied in the Film Studies Program at Concordia University and York University before enrolling in the Bachelor of Journalism Program at Humber College. Brian gives media projects a forward momentum by utilizing his experience in a variety of production processes. His production knowledge ranges from film, news, podcasts, written articles, and graphic design. Brian’s awareness of current issues and his understanding of the power of narratives give a purpose and direction to every project he is part of. He is excited to see what kind of stories he will be telling in the form of transmedia.

Program: Bachelor of Journalism

Hiren Sindhvad


Hiren has a Commerce Degree from Mumbai University in India. However, it was his love of design, and the fact that Hiren is a self-described “technology freak” that drove him to pursue a diploma in 3D Animation and Graphics from Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics in India, and has worked as a graphic designer for two years. Hiren then headed to Humber College to study Multimedia Design and Development. The idea of transmedia excites Hiren, because it provides an opportunity to use his creative thinking and vast technical skills on a single platform.

Program: Multimedia Design and Development

Miles Mungo


A renaissance man, Miles uses his knowledge of a number of media to enhance every project he's involved in. With an advanced diploma in Animation Arts from Seneca College and a degree in Film and Media Production from Humber College (graduating 2016), Miles has an understanding of communication and storytelling on multiple platforms. He has worked as a web designer, web developer, writer, animator, graphic designer, video game artist, photographer and illustrator. Miles is also a member of Global Leadership Interlink: a network of professionals and university students committed to transformation in society through the development of values-based leaders. He has directed seven short films and looks forward to what his future holds in the realm of transmedia.

Program: Film and Media Production

Laura Mulrine


Laura earned an honours Bachelor of Arts in History and English from St. Francis Xavier University before heading to the University of Glasgow for her Bachelor of Education in Secondary Teaching. Her experience as a copywriter led her to take Media Communications at Humber College. She is excited about this project because it has given Laura an opportunity to write and to tell a great story.

Program: Media Communications

Rich Dowsett


Hailing from New Zealand, Rich has a Bachelor of Arts in Film Production from the University College of Creative Arts in the United Kingdom, and has just completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Radio Broadcasting at Humber College. He has a background in writing and performing comedy. Rich likes the idea of cross-platform storytelling and has enjoyed the challenge of putting together a transmedia project.

Program: Postgraduate Radio Broadcasting

Rachel Shnier


Rachel studied at the University of Guelph for a Bachelor of Arts, before switching to Humber College for Media Communications. With a background in theatre production, Rachel has found a new stage to tell stories on through transmedia. Her passion for marketing and social media will help teach more people about transmedia, and how they can tell their own stories through transmedia.

Program: Media Communications

For Humber College

Guillermo Acosta - Dean

Jeffrey Berman - Faculty Advisor

Basil Guinane - Associate Dean

Bernie Monette - Project Advisor

Web Developer

Corey Stanford - Lead

Tavo Asenjo

Sean Doyle

Hiren Sindhvad


Layna Taylor - Taylor Magee

Health Minister - Pat Bianco

Board Room Member - Helen Cashin

Security Guard - Frank DeFrancesco

Dr. Dowsett - Cheryl DeLuca

Newscaster - Rich Dowsett

Newscaster - Brian Lee

Young Layna - Maria Moga

Jeremiah - Miles D. Mungo

Barry - Mladen Obradovic

Newscaster - Chelsea Scherer

Jeff - Matt Schichter

Receptionist - Tabitha Tao

Layna's Father - Armand Ursomarzo

Voice - Rich Dowsett

Voice - Dieter Friesen

Voice - Cody Gregory

Voice - Andrew Mazzolin

Voice - Matt Schichter

Special Thanks

Camelia Caceres‎

Asmaa Er-Rouhi

Carlos Kiss

Gilda Samaniego‎

Matthew Stevens

Shane & Janelle Mark

Susan Murray

Megan Oquias


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Annonymous - Old Man - my title

Annonymous - Speaker Icon

Buzanowski, Jennifer - Old man in Kyrgyzstan, 2010

Cannady, Darnell T. - Parade of Okinawa City Carnival

Duncan, Patricia D. - Mrs. Betty Dorrell

Swallowtail Garden Seeds - Mrs. Betty Dorrell

Harris, Duncan - The City from the Shard

Hatfield, Amanda - JellyNYC's Pool Party (cropped)

Melaugh, Ryan - Depression (image cropped)

Dombrowski, Lynn - Strawberry rhubarb pie (cropped)

Anonymous - House fire with smoke

Elango, Yercaud - Labrador-5-salem-India

Anonymous - Amateur footballer

Lerin, Melissa - Tea Cup Shape 1

Lerin, Melissa - Tea Cup Shape 2


Lee, Brian - Hiren of the Valley

from the album “Through Manes”


"Please Panic"

"Two in Two"

"I Will be King"

"Don't Let Me Go"

"Against Oblivion"

"Communication in Chaos"



"Within Delicate"

"Winking Sunset"


"Communication in Chaos"

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from the album “Thematic Compositions for Visual Media”

"Into the Fray"

"We are the Prey"

"The Fallen Will Rise Again"

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Boddy, Tom "Thoughtful Reflections" - Audio One Work