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art foundation

Art Foundation

This 2-semester certificate program offers students a foundation in visual arts through exploration of various media.

digital communications

Digital Communications

This 4-year degree program trains students in social media, multimedia storytelling, marketing, web design, project management and web analytics.

web design

Web Design & Interactive Media

This 3-year diploma program helps students build a diverse skill set including visual design, coding, and a fearlessness for new technologies.

live lab

Real Life Career Exploration

Push the boundaries, explore and invent while honing ideas and techniques in our live labs.

the storybank of success

The Storybank of Success

Read stories and testimonials from our graduates and award-winning faculty.

post production

Get a Postgrad in Post Production

Get employable skills in software, hardware, gear, encoding and distribution platforms.

News & Stories

Rubric: A VADA Faculty Exhibition

Join us for Rubric: An exhibition featuring new works from our VADA faculty. March 10 - April 1, 2015 in the Guelph Humber Art Gallery. 

Professor Karen Young Makes Impact Internationally

Congratulations to School of Media Studies Professor Karen Young, who successfully completed her Leave for Change mandate with the Federation of Community Forestry Users Nepal as a Documentary Video Advisor. 

Karen edited a 7-minute promotional video for the FECOFUN website from footage that was already recorded. The purpose of the video is to share FECOFUN’s activities with the public. She also edited a second 4-minute video for the website that featured interviews with politicians, as it was decided to keep the political video separate from the primary promotional video in case the political climate changes. She edited a 30-40 minute archival video for the FECOFUN office and to be distributed to FECOFUN partners, with the purpose of archiving FECOFUN’s activities and issues. These three videos were edited in close collaboration with Karen’s counterpart and she took into consideration the feedback of the other FECOFUN colleagues.

Karen also gave a workshop to CECI Nepal, its volunteers and its partners that she called ‘Video Production 101: How to create interesting stories for the video medium’. The workshop covered topics such as how to craft a good story, what to think about before and during filming, and how to put it all together (including copyright concerns).

Finally, Karen made recommendations about editing software to FECOFUN. 

According to Karen the experience was rewarding both professionally and personally. 

“The mandate was clear and I was given the freedom to work somewhat independently to meet the project objectives, with support when required. FECOFUN was pleased with the result.”

“100% even when it was tough. It was an incredible experience, it gives you perspective."

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Humber Grads Premiere at Berlin International Film Festival

Film and Media Production grads Yosef Baraki and Andrew Korogyi's first feature film Mina Walking will premeire at the Berlin International Film Festival. The film is nominated for two awards at the festival,the Best First Feature Award, and the Amnesty International Film Prize. Congratulations Andrew and Yosef! 

Read more about the film here >

Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of Media Studies

Take a virtual tour of Media Studies

Video Reel

Post Production Postgraduate Certificate Program

Post Production Postgraduate Certificate Program

Pixel Perfect 2015

Pixel Perfect 2015

Graphic and Package Design Program with John Miziolek

Graphic and Package Design Program with John Miziolek

Visual and Digital Arts Program

Visual and Digital Arts Program

April 17, 2015

Fundraising Grad Raising Awareness for Cervical Cancer

Fundraising Management grad Melina Dimson is raising awareness for cervical cancer with the help of Reebok Crossfit. Read More

March 31, 2015

Fundraising Management Professor in The Globe and Mail

Fundraising Management Professor Ken Wyman was quoted in yesterday's Globe and Mail. Ken provided valuable insight on the Royal Ontario Museum's problems with unfulfilled donor pledges. Read More

March 10, 2015

Radio Humber Covering The JUNOS

Radio Humber will be covering The 2015 JUNO Awards in Hamilton! On March 15, you can catch all the updates through our social media channels for all things JUNOS as well as coverage during March 19th at Humber show! Read More

February 19, 2015

Film & Television Production students Win Jones Soda Commercial Contest

Congratulations to Humber Film & Television Production students Brandon Brough, Shannon Horbatiuk, Joel George, Stephen Mekhail, Dylan Atkinson, Jessica Oddendahl, Brian Cruz and Taylor Golledge on winning the Jones Soda Big Game Commercial Contest! Great Work!

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